How We Serve...

We read, understand

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Businesses' & Not-For-Profits' Outsourced Risk Management Oversight

  • Exposures and risks identification, comprehension, measurement and vulnerability assessments

  • Insurance and risk transfer recommendations, design and management of competitive bidding / Request For Proposal processes, traditional and alternative coverage considerations, benchmarking analyses

  • CyberSecurity assessments and insurance program evaluation / guidance

  • Workers’ Compensation and General Liability insurance classification analyses

  • Flow chart examinations of both supply and demand sides

  • Trade and political risk considerations

  • Disaster and recovery preparedness for both physical and fiscal risks

  • Organizational continuity planning

  • Communications preparedness

  • Insurance policy archaeology

Families' & Individuals' Personalized Risk Management Oversight

  • Proactive exposure and coverage analyses and explanations

  • Recommended, cost-effective protective improvements

  • Personal data security risk identification, mitigation and transfer recommendations

  • Reactive, responsive and sensitive claim support and advocacy